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      Why Isn’t Consciousness Real?   
Day 1  Why Is Consciousness a Philosophical Problem?

Day 2  Why Are We Zombies?  (1st half)

Day 2  Why Are We Zombies?  (2nd half)

Day 3  Why Is Consciousness Intentional? 


      The Opening: A Philosophy of Actuality

Chapter 1  New Cartesian Meditations

Chapter 2  The Leibnizian Principle and the Kantian Principle  (sections 1-6)

Chapter 2  The Leibnizian Principle and the Kantian Principle  (sections 7-12)

Chapter 3  What Is the Impossible Private Language?


      Other Selected Publications

                 Books authored (in Japanese):

  A Lively Murmur of Philosophy, Pneuma Sha, 2013.
  A Secret Battle of Philosophy, Pneuma Sha, 2013.
  Wittgenstein's Misdiagnosis, Nakanishiya Shuppan, 2012.
  Why Isn't Consciousness Real?, Iwanami Shoten, 2007.
  The Philosophy of Kitaro Nishida, NHK, 2007. 
  I, Now, and God: Philosophy of the Opening, Kodansha, 2004.
  What Is Ethics?, Sangyo Tosho, 2002.
  A Transfer Student and Black Jack: A Seminar on Solipsity, Iwanami Shoten, 2001.
  Manga Philosophizes, Kodansha, 2000.
  This Is Nietzsche, Kodansha,1998.
  The Incomparability of the Existence of I!, Keiso Shobo,1998.
  The Philosophy of Ressentiment, Kawade Shobo, 1997.
  Philosophy for Kids!, Kodansha, 1996.
  An Introduction to Wittgenstein, Chikuma Shobo, 1995.
  The Attitude Towards the Soul, Keiso Shobo, 1991.
  A Metaphysics of I!, Keiso Shobo,1986.
                 Book edited in chief:
  The Tree of Philosophy: Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Kodansha, 2002.



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